Friday, March 24, 2017

Why you should think twice before engaging in Road Rage

When it comes to our daily commutes driving to work of for some dropping their kids off at school, every once in a while you will run into an overly aggressive driver. I am sure we have all been there before when another driver does something that upsets us. Let's be honest some people make you wonder how they are even allowed to drive. Some of us at times can become enraged over the smallest things such a a driver not using their indicator or just driving too slowly in the fast lane. When this happens some drivers first thoughts are to pay them back. This is when things can get out of hand leading to road rage. Thankfully some of us can just let these types of things go, while others tend to take it to the next level. As we have all seen at times on the evening news this can result in some unfortunate consequences for everyone involved.

We all know that some drivers are quick to engaging in road rage tactics the second some one does them wrong. The most popular way of showing your displeasure with another driver is tailgating which is a tactic that can back fire on you. Next thing you know the driver ahead of you slams on their brakes and ends up upsetting you even more. Then you might react by quickly passing them simply to cut them off in an effort to show you displeasure with their poor driving habits. Once this happens the situation will escalate and quite possibly might result in you being the next road rage driver featured on the evening news. What most drivers don't take into consideration in the heat of the moment is the fact that many drivers now have easy access to their cell phones. These days it is all too simple for other drivers to record your actions on video. Then the next thing you know a few days later the police are knocking on your door.

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that we are now living in a time when your actions can be quickly caught on camera. Those with in the automotive industry already know that the sales of personal use dash cams are on the rise. A very useful device for the many situations that can occur at anytime on the road. This is why everyone needs to think twice before engaging in road rage. So next time someone does something as simple as not indicating or accidentally cutting you off, it might be best to just let it go. If you need to simply take another route home, as the best way to defuse the situation is to end it as soon as it begins. Why not consider pulling into the closest parking lot and if you need to take a few deep breathes to calm yourself down. As any law enforcement officer would tell you it is always in your best interest to never engage in Road Rage.

Tips for recording other drivers actions:

-When it comes to shooting video of another driver you do have to be careful, in some situations it can make things worse. This is why at times you may want to hide the fact that you are recording their actions.

-If you are involved in Road Rage and notice you are being recorded simply back off, let the other driver go. In most situations they just want you to leave them alone, if you do this they are less likely to post online or contact the police. 

-If you are a witness of road rage instead of shooting video it might be best to simply call the local police.

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